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We get it, being a customer can be tedious. You, like most consumers, probably spend too much time trying to resolve complaints. Receiving good customer service happens less often than we'd all like, and finding genuinely great brands is a colossal task. Mybema could end this madness for you by letting you share your own reviews, discuss anything about brands or products with other consumers, and resolve issues.

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You aren't just another number for big companies. Get the customer service you deserve.
Easily resolve any problem you have with any brand.
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One place to find and share reviews about companies, fix any problems that you have with brands, and discuss product-related issues.


Mybema is free and you don't even need to register to get your issues resolved or to find better brands.


Mybema is designed to help consumers like you find great brands and products.
Discover great brands, save time and money, and get your complaints resolved online.
How regular folk like you benefit from using Mybema
  • When your internet stops working at home, quickly ask other customers that also use your ISP in your area if they're having problems too.
  • Reach out to the online communities of food brands when you're trying out new recipes and new ways to cook.
  • Resolve complaints that you have with a bank, insurance company, cellphone provider or even a local store owner.
  • Your friends will appreciate it when you review an amazing meal you've had at the nicest little Italian restaurant in your neighbourhood.
  • Rant about a really annoying advertising campaign together with a group of other people that share your sentiment.

Where else could you possibly do all of this for free and from any device? If you can't think of anywhere then the button below is your shortcut to helpful online brand communities, relevant recommendations and amazing future experiences as a customer.
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