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3 short reasons why consumers use Mybema


A single website for all of your feedback, complaints and problems. What's more is that we will alert companies the moment you add an issue.


Mybema is free and you don't even need to register. You will get more out of it if you do, but there's nothing stopping you benefiting right away.


Mybema is designed to help consumers find better brands. We also make it easy for you to share recommendations with your friends.
Let's imagine that John is the average person...
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John has recently had at least one problem with his bank, insurance company, medical aid, car, or network provider. He also has several recommendations for great, unconventional brands that hold a special place in his heart. John may want to tell a company how annoying their current advertising campaign is, or ask a community of spice shoppers how they prepare their meats. John could also have eaten the most delicious meal ever and wanted to review it and share that review with his friends. He's also looking to relocate but first wants to do some initial research on estate agents in his area before contacting any of them.

Using Mybema makes John's life far easier because he can conveneintly do everything he needs to on a single platform, using his phone or his computer. It's his shortcut to relevant recommendations and amazing experiences as a customer.
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